Size Up Your Enemies Before Slicing ‘Em Up!

January 17, 2010

Ok. So this one’s quite related the previous one.

Remember how I said you must face challanges to better yourself? Well, there’s this one thing you have to consider before you go about and attain that wonderful future self: your current one. The self that you are now, looking at these words depicted by on and off signals on your computer. That one.

Consider your current level and what you plan to face. Gauge yourself. Know that you are just smalltime right now, at the start or at the midway of your journey. A novice. A peasant. A villager. Not a high-level knight nor a mighty wizard. Knowing that you are at the beginning is the first step to start a succesful journey.

Tackle things that you know you can handle. Hardly anyone will go for “Ultra Hard” difficulty the first time they play a game. No beginner challenges a player that’s been playing the game for like six years. And when they do, we all know what would probably happen. That losing streak comes and with it comes frustration and humiliation. In manga and anime, one oft said line is “You are a hundred years too early to challenge me!”

Challenging a gigantinormous badass with a flaming ass-kicking stick when you're just armed with a rusty sword, a trash can lid, and a bucket over your head....

So don’t go adding 30-pound weights when you’re just in your first week of weight training. Don’t take that 21-page comic with a one month deadline gig when you can’t even do 6 pages in three months. Don’t take that calculus class when you can’t even solve a linear equation. As the age old saying goes, “Don’t go biting off more than you can chew.”

...would be a surefire way of getting yourself acquainted with dirt cuisine.

So before you go jumping into the fray guns blazing, make sure that you know what you’re getting yourself into. Because this life won’t be getting a respawn feature and if you get yourself in deep, you’ve only got yourself to blame. Train hard, but don’t overdo yourself. Battle it up, but don’t get yourself killed. Happy Grinding!


Life and Leveling Up

January 16, 2010

It is oft said that life is a game, meant to test its players. Whether your end goal is enlightenment, full-function to society or self or just plain want to get on with it and die an old age, one cannot last if one is not strong.

You are a player in this Role-Playing Game called “Reality”. In this RPG, there are only two ways to end this game, die happy,which will probably be you lying in your deathbed watching the recap end credits of your life whilst angels sing your ending song or die miserable and be flashed the “Game Over” Screen for all eternity.

There are a multitude of “enemies” and “bosses” in this game. These are your bullies, your inconsiderate boss, that boyfriend of the girl you like, that jerk in the diner who likes to spit in your food, your exams, your work, your miserable financial status and your lack of friends. They are forces to be reckoned with and you shall not pass if you’re not strong.

You, my dear reader, must level-up yourself. Increase your stats, raise your intelligence, your physical strength, your social skills, and your endurance to stress and fatigue. Power yourself up and get through the dungeon of problems, defeat that final boss, and get your reward (money, your leading lady, power, fame, the works). After all, experience IS one of the best qualifications in this world.

Let yourself grow one level at a time!

So face your fears and just grind away. Take up challenges one at a time. The harder it is, the more probable you get more experience from it. The more you go out of your shell, the more experience you get. Fight through your lazy procrastinating self and go to the gym. Take a math study group and farm questions like crazy. Small challenges like starting a to-do list to organize yourself or cutting back on excess junk food give you small increments but they will still get you there.

But whatever you do, don’t stop trying. Remember, one cannot reach level 100 drinking potions in a tavern, ogling NPC’s all day. The fastest way to get a game over is to kill yourself, physically, emotionally, whatever. Beat this game of life with a level 100 you.


Terms used in this post:

Role-Playing Games (RPG) – a type of game where one takes the “role” of a character in a story.

Boss – a really strong enemy usually found at the end of every stage, level, or chapter of the story.

Level – a measure of strength or power of a character

Stats – properties of a character usually including strength, agility, intelligence, wisdom, endurance and charisma

Grind – to repeatedly defeat enemies to gain experience

Farm ­- to grind enemies usually weaker than your character.

Non-Player Character (NPC) – computer-controlled characters designed to interact with players usually found in shops, inns, or citizens of the in-game world.


The Usual Definition Thing

January 15, 2010

Of course, a blog about geeks wouldn’t be really called as something serious if it didn’t give a clear definition of its precious subjects.

As a geek myself, I think I’m confident and hopefully credible enough for you to give my own definition. So here goes:

A geek is a person that is highly motivated by a particular form of hobby, interest, fields of culture, academics, and entertainment and so on and so forth.

He/she could be a person highly passionate about technology, for example. They are called computer geeks, or techies. I myself am highly passionate about video games, I am a vidya geek. I also get into anime, manga, and a lot of stuff from Japan, which is conveniently clustered in the noun ‘otaku’. In actuality, ‘otaku’ is the Japanese word literally translating into ‘geek’. The Japs have people they call aniotaku (for those into anime), ongakuotaku (those into otaku), and loads of different names for geeks that delve into different stuff like cars, military equipment, panties, etc.

Whatever you call it, it’s still the same animal.

So why go geek? There’s tons of reasons. Some of the self-proclaimed ‘normal’ people we need to prove ourselves to tell us these ‘passion masturbations’ are a form of escapism where we ‘escape’ this reality and go off into other world. While that is true for quite the numbers of geeks, there are a lot of us who do so for other different reasons. I can only speak for myself and those I know so if you have anything else to add, please comment. =’3

I get into the stuff I do for the following reasons:

1. I grew up with them. At an early age, I was already exposed to video games and animation. I dearly loved that Alley Cat game and always tuned in to watch X-men, Centurions, and Digimon . As I grew older, I still got into these forms of entertainment and sub-culture. I still watch stuff like Honey & Clover, Spice and Wolf , and Durarara and play video games like Half-Life and Dead Space. I felt comfortable with this kind of entertainment ever since and still do.

2. I am an aspiring graphic artist and writer and in constant need of inspiration. I look into these pop- culture to see ways on how to improve my work. I look for shows and games that tend to do things out of the box like Bakemonogatari and Half-minute Hero. These kinds of entertainment inspire me to do and see things out of the formula as well. I also started to get into the comics scene in the last five years and am now exploring brilliant masterpieces like Vagabond, Mythology Class, Elmer, and Trese.

3. I go for the community. I am also a part of different animation, comics, and gaming communities and the things I our common interests keep us together. We talk about the same things and that gives all of us a sense of belongingness with each other. Whoever said that getting into these kinds of things will surely make you a lonely sap is lying.

There, now we know what kind of people we are studying and getting to know more. Again if you have anything else to add, feel free to comment and email me at enzovega@ymail.com. Up next is our first “life lesson” so stay tuned to start to know what geeks learn.



January 8, 2010

Hello there, fellow citizen of the Interwebs!

My name is Enzo and I’m a geek. I play video games, watch anime, and read comic books a little more than the average joe.

Now, quite a handful of people have looked at the things we immerse ourselves as that kind of useless things only little children should be playing around with. They blame these glorious part of the humanities for various things like killing off people’s brain cells and making people more violent. They indulge the fact that people like us tend to become 50-year old basement dwelling virgins that don’t do shit to improve the way we live, or contribute anything significant in our society.

A lot of them seem to judge our little hobbies as irrelevant, trifle objects of entertainment where you won’t be able to get anything you could use in the real world from.

I, for one, would like to believe that one can learn worthwhile things from these “pop-culture garbage” and that this blog, in time, would prove it. So take some time to read my philosophies in life, feel free to send me some messages you want to share, and together, we can tell the world what geeks learn.